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043 Strategic fundraising: 5 essential steps

In this episode I focus on strategic fundraising and outline five essential steps to help you make sure your day-to-day work in a fundraising office has a strategic foundation, is guided by an effective plan and is leading towards a positive outcome.

Firstly, you need to identify the transformation you are seeking to make through your fundraising. A successful fundraising strategy will generate agreement between your senior team, your head and your governors about which fundraising projects you're planning to focus on and the transformation you are seeking to achieve.

Secondly, I explore the importance of identifying where your fundraising opportunities are, understanding your own school and communities to focus on the best possibilities for fundraising.

Thirdly, I look at the best ways for you to cultivate your prospects, and the day-to-day activities you can undertake to turn the fundraising opportunities into a reality.

Fourthly, I suggest ways you can identify what might get in the way of delivering your fundraising strategy, and finally I look at strategies to help you overcome these blocks. These final two steps are often overlooked but are essential for success.

Episode Highlights

  • Step 1: What transformation are you seeking to make? (03:50)

  • Step 2: Where are your fundraising opportunities? (06:43)

  • Step 3: How are you going to cultivate these prospects? (09:55)

  • Step 4: What might stop you? (12:27)

  • Step 5. What are your tactics to overcome the blocks? (14:21)

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