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033: What's holding you back? Strategic question #3

This is the third episode looking at the six essential questions that you, as a leader in an independent school, need to be able to answer in order to clearly define your school's strategy. This time I discuss what is holding your school back, what are the sticking points you need to identify and overcome to deliver your school's vision.

I talk about how the identification of sticking points needs to happen in the context of a team. These sticking points can come from internal weaknesses such as an unwillingness to change within a school culture and external threats such as from the political, economic, social, technological, environmental or legal threats you may face. I discuss how it is only by conducting uncomfortable conversations about the negative aspects of your school that you will be able to tackle them.

I explore how it is possible to stimulate creative problem solving by having conversations that take you out of your comfort zone and unlock novel and creative thinking about how you're going to overcome these problems.

Episode Highlights

  • Introducing the third question (02:58)

  • Identifying the internal weaknesses (07:00)

  • Identifying the external threats (08:00)

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