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159: The 'Done for You' Delegation Trap

In today's episode, we're diving into the topic of delegation once again. But this time, we'll be exploring a trap that many leaders, including myself, have fallen into - the 'Done For You' Delegation Trap. I discuss the idea of three service levels, a concept well established in the wider service sector, how this relates to delegation and how it can help you identify and avoid this common trap.

Key lessons from this episode:

1. In the wider service sector there is a well-established concept of three service levels: 'do it yourself', 'done with you' and 'done for you'.

2. These three ideas also map onto delegation. But if you go down the route of 'done for you' then you end up caught in a trap that's hard to pull you and your team out of.

3. To avoid this trap, always consider how you are coaching those you lead to take on more responsibility over time, eventually enabling them to work at the 'do it yourself' level.

4. This not only enables the leader to focus on their own strategic priorities, but also enables the team to deliver results faster and allows team members to grow in their roles.

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