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133: ChatGPT Masterclass

In order to make ChatGPT work effectively for us, we need to become skilled at 'prompt engineering' . In this episode I walk you through some best-practice tips to improve your prompt engineering, enabling you to get the most from OpenAI's large language model, ChatGPT.

We cover tactics such as chained prompting, setting the tone of voice, exploring the 'temperature' of responses, specifying the format of the output and documenting your learning. I cover as much as I can in this episode, so do take a listen.

There are many more resources and links in the list below.

Not feeling comfortable with ChatGPT yet? Take a listen to last week's episode, ChatGPT for Schools, to get started.

Episode links

Do complete my AI in Schools survey and help direct future episodes on this subject.

Catch-up on last week's episode: ChatGPT for Schools


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