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065: What happens in a strategy void

In this episode I discuss the implications of not having a strategy.

Having a strategy will tell you where to place your focus, what you're going to do and what you're not going to do. A strategic void often occurs when either there is a lack of strategy altogether or when there is a strategy but lacks focus and direction. More and more schools now realise that strategic plans are essential for their schools to succeed and progress. They need to be written and created in a way that involves lots of people to ensure that it is put into action. I then explore the three most common things that happen in a strategy void.

  1. Good people get frustrated with the lack of direction and vision

  2. Good people create their own direction, often through guess-work

  3. Everyone else sticks to the status quo, repeating what's happened before without questioning it

This can be really harmful to your school, not least because you risk losing good people due to frustration.

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