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012: Strategic response to COVID-19 (Strategy Toolkit 1)

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

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The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the need for all organisations to review their strategy. Everything that had been assumed or planned before the pandemic, and decisions taken in the early stages of the crisis, should now be reconsidered and potentially reshaped.

In this, the first of five episodes looking at a strategic response to COVID-19, I talk about three themes that I've identified through many conversations with independent school heads, fundraisers and businesses about their response to the crisis.

The first of these themes explores the importance of tackling the opportunities and challenges head-on: how you might review your business model to take advantage of the opportunities and to find ways to best meet the challenges.

The second theme considers the coherence of the decisions that were taken during the crisis: this period is an opportunity to review those decisions and seek new leverage from them.

The third theme involves thinking critically about how flexible or agile your school is and how an adaptable skill-set might allow your school to respond quickly to change in a strategic way.

In upcoming episodes, I will continue to explore aspects that will help you adapt and rework your strategy as the crisis evolves.

Episode highlights

  • First theme: Addressing opportunities and meeting challenges head-on (02:10)

  • Second theme: The coherence of decision-making during the crisis (04:10)

  • Third theme: The flexibility and agility of your school (06:10)

References and resources

Strategic Response Discussion: There are details about this service on my homepage. Do email me if you’re interested in me facilitating a discussion for your organisation.

Strategy briefing videos covering a variety of topics including strategic trial and error and ambidextrous strategy during recessions

Fundraising Focus Programme: Expert fundraising advice to fit your school's budget

Find out more about Juliet Corbett’s work with independent schools and discover a host of free resources for schools at


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