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Upcoming 2-hour online session

From Reactive to Strategic:

Planning Workshop for School Support Staff

​Thursday 16 May 2024
11am-1pm (UK time)

Get ready to supercharge your next term! Join us for this online Planning Workshop for School Support Staff and harness the power of strategy.

No more feeling bogged down by an endless list of urgent tasks, preventing you from spending time on the important projects. Say goodbye to being stuck in a cycle of reacting in the moment to the things happening around you.


Instead, join us to reflect on this term and plan your next steps, so that you can:

  • Identify and overcome the obstacles holding you back

  • Maximise your time and focus on your priorities 

  • Confidently prioritise your workload and avoid distractions 

  • Transition your daily work from reactive to strategic

By the end of this workshop, you'll feel energised, inspired and ready to hit the ground running with a clear plan of action.

Join us and start the next term with renewed momentum!

Your Planning Workshop

for School Support Staff


Expertly guided reflection and planning

Juliet will lead you through a step-by-step process to reflect on progress this term and plan your next steps. The process is based on her Four Building Blocks of Strategy framework, which encourages people to identify how they will harness their accelerators and overcome their sticking points. All focused on achieving big goals by taking consistent small steps.


An interactive group experience

In addition to personal thinking time, we'll be inviting people to share their reflections and next steps in breakout group discussions. It can be powerful to share your journey and know you're not alone! There will also be plenty of time to ask questions as we go along.


Clear priorities and next steps

By the end of the workshop we guarantee you'll have greater clarity about your priorities and next steps. During the session you'll jot down your reflections and plans in a Workbook, giving you a record to refer back to next term.


Who is this online workshop for?


This workshop is  for you  if:

  • You work in a senior or middle management role in a support function within a school

  • For example: Directors and Managers within Development, Alumni Relations, Communications, Marketing, Admissions, External Relations and Operations departments

  • It doesn't matter whether you manage people or not - just that you have an influence over the strategic focus of your work

  • We welcome people from all over the world to join us. Don't worry if your internet connection isn't great - we will be using the chat function so you can still ask your questions

This workshop  isn't for you  if:

  • You are focused on lesson or curriculum planning - feel free to join us if you're a teacher who wants insight into leading a support function of a school, but please note that the content won't be focused on teaching and learning

  • You want Juliet's undivided attention on your work - Juliet's one-to-one coaching sessions may be better suited for you

Your strategy guide: Juliet Corbett


Juliet Corbett specialises in helping school leaders to think and act more strategically, believing that this is the fastest, and most joyful, way to make the world a better place through education. 
Host of the award-winning Independent School Podcast, Juliet brings the frequently bewildering topic of strategy to life. With over 20 years' experience in the education sector, her mission is to make the daily work of school leaders and fundraisers more strategic and less exhausting. 

Working with Juliet

Andrew Gordon-Brown, Head, Kingswood

"I’ve engaged Juliet now in two different schools. We were looking both to equip our staff with greater strategic awareness and the ability to think strategically, and also to do the thinking needed towards refreshing the Foundation strategic plan. We engaged Juliet because she is excellent at facilitating group workshops that are both enjoyable and effective at delivering on the goals for each particular session. If you need an independent sounding board and consultant to bring a structured and enjoyable approach to refreshing a strategic plan, look no further. Juliet has a great combination of sector knowledge, clarity of thoughts, skills and experience. She is excellent."

Andrew Gordon-Brown, Head, Kingswood

Rachael Henshilwood, Director of Partnerships and Development, St Edward's School, Oxford

"I have referred many people to Juliet! Having been a practitioner Juliet understands the constant juggle between operational delivery in a busy school vs the long term necessity for impactful strategic development. She is a realist but also pushes back and doesn't allow empty excuses. She makes her clients want to do better and want to do more. She is a positive, calm force for good, and for change, in an industry that is still not well understood."

Rachael Henshilwood, Director of Partnerships and Development, St Edward's School, Oxford

Sam Davies, former Head of Philanthropy & Alumnae Engagement, Girls' Day School Trust

"Juliet is an amazing listener and takes time to understand the context before sharing her insight or suggestions. This means she can get straight to the crux of issues rather than being distracted by any peripheral aspects. She also is very good at separating out organisational, structural and individual dimensions of challenges/situations. I think she is an outstanding coach and professional advisor."

Sam Davies, former Head of Philanthropy & Alumnae Engagement, Girls' Day School Trust

Alexa Broad, Director of Development, Abingdon School

“Juliet guided, sense-checked, questioned, rehearsed and supported our work. I don't believe our outcomes would have been as successful if she had not been in the wings and on the end of Zoom every couple of weeks. She enabled me and my team to aim higher and more boldly than I would have felt able to do in the wake of global disruption. I can't thank her enough.”

Alexa Broad, Director of Development, Abingdon School

Jo Beckett, former CEO, IDPE (Institute of Development Professionals in Education)

"Juliet’s knowledge of business theory enabled me to take an idea and develop the model, processes and package so that I have a coherent and usable proposition and strategy. She helped me to develop an idea into a meaningful concept along with a plan to execute."

Jo Beckett, former CEO, IDPE (Institute of Development Professionals in Education)

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I access the workshop?

The workshop will be on Zoom, and we'll share the link with you after you've booked. We'll be turning our cameras on for the session and you'll be able to ask questions, so ideally you'll join us on a device with a camera and microphone. 

Do I need to prepare in advance?

There isn't any homework to do before the workshop. However, we will share the Workbook in advance so you can do some pre-thinking if you want to.

Can I book multiple places for my team?

Yes, you can book multiple places using the booking form. If you'd prefer a private workshop tailored for your team just get in touch.

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