Strategy Development Projects

Are you a new school head or chair of governors and feeling a bit daunted about leading the creation of a strategic plan for your school? 

Do you want to involve stakeholders but worry about the process being time consuming or drawn off track? 

Do you want to be freed up from facilitating so that you can have your full say in the strategy discussions?

Or maybe you’ve seen strategic plans in the past that haven’t had buy-in or that just sat on the shelf.


Best-practice strategy development in schools is inherently complex.


So it’s time to bring in some help. 

What if you could commission a strategy development project that is led by an experienced school strategist and based on tried and tested best-practice?


A project that involves governors, senior leaders and middle managers in a series of strategy workshops, and invites the engagement of other stakeholders in a structured way. 

Sound good?


  • A robust strategic plan which is unique to your school, building on your strengths and addressing the main challenges you face

  • Facilitated opportunities for confidential discussion, allowing all attendees to freely participate 

  • A best-practice approach to independent school strategy development, offering guided opportunities for attendees to practise and enhance their strategic thinking skills

  • Structured involvement of stakeholders, generating buy-in and encouraging strategic action across the school

Strategy development projects with Juliet Corbett: Take the pain out of creating a strategic plan which is fully tailored to your school, involves stakeholders while retaining space for facilitated confidential discussion, and results in strategic action on the ground.


"Juliet has facilitated a number of strategy review meetings with our Senior Executive Team. She brings a great depth of knowledge and relevant experience to the task and we have found our sessions to be fast-paced, well-directed and most enjoyable. It certainly has been a successful partnership for us and has lifted the organisational weight off our shoulders so that we could focus exclusively on developing a coherent and comprehensive strategy for Blundell’s. We look forward to working with Juliet again in the future."

Bart Wielenga, Head, Blundell's School

Topics covered in recent independent school Strategy Away Days have included:

  • Fee structures and concessions

  • Teaching staff recruitment

  • Income diversification and fundraising

  • School roll growth

  • Bursaries and scholarships

  • Building a culture of innovation

  • Brand positioning

  • Leadership structure and talent development

  • Sixth form offering

  • Gender balance and inclusion

Ready to elevate your strategy?

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