Strategy Advice Sessions

Thinking and acting strategically makes it easier for school leaders to both secure the future of their school and help build a more equal and just world.


But sometimes the busy everyday work prevents leaders and teams from being able to develop robust strategic plans and implement them effectively.


Working with me in a series of strategy advice sessions makes this easy and seamless. I stand alongside you, providing space for focused discussion, applying tried and tested strategic techniques translated into a language that will work in your school.


After our time together, your daily work will feel more strategic and less exhausting.


Each month we'll meet for a 90-minute video call to discuss your strategy development or implementation.


Together we'll explore the challenges you face, discuss your strategic options based on best-practice from the school sector and beyond, and finish by setting clear next steps.


These sessions are designed for heads and senior leaders and can focus on either whole-school strategy or department-level strategy, such as fundraising or marketing.


Sound good?

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Tailored and confidential strategic advice

  • Just-in-time advice on your strategic priorities, tailored to your unique school community

  • Confidential space to talk through challenges and options

  • Friendly accountability to ensure progress on strategic priorities continues amid the distractions of daily work


Informed strategic decision-making

  • Informed and strategic decision-making about the issues that are most pressing for your school

  • Clear next steps to transform discussion into action on the ground

  • A guided opportunity to practise and enhance your strategic thinking skills

Strategy advice sessions with Juliet Corbett: get regular support and dedicated time to think and act strategically. As we meet each month we'll discuss the key strategic challenges you face in your work and support will be tailored to you - you can direct the sessions so that you get the most out of the process.

"If you need an independent sounding board and consultant to bring a structured and enjoyable approach to refreshing a strategic plan, look no further. Juliet has a great combination of sector knowledge, clarity of thought, skills and experience. She is excellent."

Andrew Gordon-Brown, Head, Kingswood School


"Juliet is excellent at giving us concrete advice on the next steps forward in securing an exciting future for Mount Kelly amid challenging times. She facilitates intellectual reflection and then puts answers in front of us which form a clear and achievable roadmap. Juliet adds real value in her work and I have no hesitation in thoroughly recommending her."

Guy Ayling, Head Master, Mount Kelly


“Juliet guided, sense-checked, questioned, rehearsed and supported our work. I don't believe our outcomes would have been as successful if she had not been in the wings and on the end of Zoom every couple of weeks. She enabled me and my team to aim higher and more boldly than I would have felt able to do in the wake of global disruption. I can't thank her enough.”

Alexa Broad, Director of Development, Abingdon School

Topics covered in recent Strategy Advice Sessions have included:

  • Involving stakeholders in strategy development

  • Empowering and delegating to team members to deliver strategic objectives

  • Leadership structure and talent development

  • Building a culture of innovation

  • Fee structure and concessions policies

  • Development of new and existing school facilities

  • Income diversification and fundraising

  • School roll growth and maintaining school culture

  • Bursary and partnership programmes

  • Cost efficiency programmes

  • Sixth form offering

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Ready to feel more strategic?

Book a call to discover how we can work together to customise a plan to deliver the desired outcomes for your school.