Development and fundraising offices are busy places with lots of activities on the go at once. You've got to love that bustle and the passion for bringing people together to make a difference for your community. However, it's easy to be fooled into thinking that being busy means being successful.
It's difficult to find time to reflect, review progress and check you're prioritising the right activities, but this a crucial part of maximising your fundraising potential and boosting your income. The key is finding and maintaining your strategic focus amid distractions.

Fundraising Strategy Accelerator

How I can help

I can guide your Development Office or fundraising team through a strategy development process which helps you clarify your goals, uncover where your strategic focus should be and put in place practical tools to keep that focus amid distractions.


This process utilises my extensive experience leading fundraising teams and is firmly focused on improving results.

What is the Fundraising Strategy Accelerator?

The process will be tailored to your organisation and can include:

  • Research interviews with key leaders or volunteers to uncover points of agreement and differing views on the fundraising vision, internal and external challenges and strategic options.

  • Away day for your Development Office or fundraising team incorporating best practice strategy development methods for educational and not-for-profit fundraising. I run these both in-person and via Zoom. As one Director of Development recently commented, these sessions are "energetic, insightful and interesting".

  • strategic options report summarising the themes and options which emerge from the away day. So you'll be clear on what your choices are and your next steps.

  • Ad hoc advice via telephone, video call or email on finalising and implementing the fundraising strategy.


If you're a solo fundraiser for your organisation then this process can be adapted into a one-to-one consulting engagement tailored to your specific challenges.


  • Renewed strategic focus on the activities which will unlock your fundraising potential and boost income

  • Practical tools for maintaining your strategic focus amid distractions

  • Enhanced strategic thinking skills across the team

  • Bringing your team together and investing in their professional development boosts engagement and reinvigorates team spirit

Sounds useful?

Contact me to book a call to talk through how the Fundraising Strategy Accelerator could help focus your Development Office or fundraising activity to boost your results.

Who I've helped

"Juliet is excellent at giving us concrete advice on the next steps forward in securing an exciting future for Mount Kelly amid challenging times. She facilitates intellectual reflection and then puts answers in front of us which form a clear and achievable roadmap. Juliet adds real value in her work and I have no hesitation in thoroughly recommending her."

Guy Ayling, Head Master, Mount Kelly

"Juliet’s knowledge of business theory enabled me to take an idea and develop the model, processes and package so that I have a coherent and usable proposition and strategy. She helped me to develop an idea into a meaningful concept along with a plan to execute."

Jo Beckett, CEO, IDPE (Institute of Development Professionals in Education)

"Juliet delivered an energetic, insightful and interesting Strategy Away Day for our Development Office. The content was pitched perfectly for the stage we’re at, and the delivery was fluent, thoughtful and just the right pace. She helped us gain a new perspective on what we've achieved so far, furthered the team's strategic thinking abilities and guided us through the process of strategy development. I highly recommend Juliet’s expertise and approach, wherever you are in your strategic journey."

Salima Virji, Development Director, Highgate School

"Following a full presentation to our teaching staff, Juliet spent time with the Development Director and I in preparation for our launch of Truro School Connected. She brought such clarity to her advice that we have been able to make great headway in a short space of time. And the best thing is that Juliet is always there for you with extra little bits of advice that seem to appear on LinkedIn or in the "in-box" just when you need them. Thank you, Juliet."

Jayne Grigg, Director of Admissions and Development, Truro School